We could list a thousand reasons why you should work at Threadheads, but that would require us to think of a thousand reasons. Know this: We're pretty open-minded at Threadheads.

So—if you wanted us to create a ‘Bring Your Miniature Pony Named Hercules That’s Actually Just A Great Dane, And You’re Not Fooling Anyone Day’, we’d totally do it.

Logistically, it will absolutely send Janice in HR bonkers. But that’s alright. We think she’s stealing the paperclips, and we’ll be letting her go anyway.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

Maybe. Click here for our available roles.

Forewarning: To join our club, you may or may not be required to undergo some hazing. We can neither confirm nor deny that our last hire had to tickle our founder Marcus with a feather duster every morning for two weeks. You’ve been warned.

The first rule of Thread Club: you do not talk about Thread Club. The second rule of Thread Club: you do not talk about Thread Club.

Again, Janice is going to go bananas. We’d love to. Honestly, it’d do wonders for the balance sheet. But we tried that with one of our interns, and let’s just say, we’ve got lawyers now. You jealous?

No. We just get our email marketers to dress up every Friday as Chihuahuas and wee on the chairs.

We’d recommend that you tell your mother that you’re actually a heart surgeon. It works every time. Trust us.

Our mums still think we sell stitches for brain surgeons.

- You can choose between hybrid working or fully remote. As long as you’re doing great work, you could be working while floating on top of a sperm whale in the Indian ocean.

- You’ll grow as the company grows. Unfortunately, we don’t mean height. We do mean supercharged career progression.

- You’ll work with some of the biggest brands in the world, from SEGA and Rick and Morty to Harry Potter and Crash Bandicoot.

- It’s a fast-paced start-up environment which means your organisational and operational impact will be significant.

- You get to be super creative day in, day out.

- You get to work with a guy named Ace. How many Aces have you met in your life?

- Did we mention the office puppies?

So, to summarise, office puppies, start-up, sperm whales, humour, fun, and endangered-animal theft.

We’re going to be the biggest, direct-to-consumer pop-culture graphic t-shirt brand on the planet. (Try saying that seventeen times.) And you could be part of the journey